From the Curators

Welcome to TEDxYale.

We are an undergraduate organization at Yale College, founded in the fall of 2011. Our mission since the beginning has been to create a modern publishing platform for Yale. With each event, we strive to discover and spread the most extraordinary ideas, from thinkers, doers, and pioneers both within and outside of Yale. We are extremely fortunate that this sharing of ideas is supported by an academic community as dynamic and forward-looking as any other in the world.


Every year, we organize a flagship conference, featuring about 20 speakers in a one-day event. Past conferences have hosted more than 300 people each year, comprising members of the Yale and New Haven community as well as members of the public. We are proud to have featured speakers such as Ryder Carroll (founder of the Bullet Journal), Robert Shiller (Nobel Laureate in Economics), and Gaelynn Lea (musician and advocate). Every conference, we strive to be diverse in our speaker selections, to feature leaders in various walks of life—last year alone, we had an athlete, a naturalist, and a Coast Guard cadet.


Besides our flagship conference, our calendar also features numerous salons each year, which are smaller events. Salons are more flexible in format—they can be lectures, panels, workshops etc. They are hosted in the evening during the week, and cater more to the Yale community.


We are very fortunate to work with a dedicated team, comprising nine members with diverse skills, interests, and experiences. All of them work extremely hard to bring the TEDxYale vision to fruition. We hope that you find an idea or two at TEDxYale that inspires you.




Endure and Nina

Co-Curators 2019-2020